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If you follow me here move over to the v2. Same person running except now that its separate from my main blog I can post more often.


Remember to follow me on the spidermandhisamazingfriendsv2

I’m not getting rid of this blog until everyone follows me on the v2 I want to give everyone a chance to follow me there. I will be able to post much more frequently on the v2 blog. I’m also moving my posts from this blog to the v2 blog I have a better theme as well so be sure to check it out.




god bless captain america

Tony Stark reactions are flawless though. FLAWLESS.


sometimes i forget that Tony Stark is actually a genius

Spiderman and his amazing friends v2 is out

I’m mainy using this blog to promote my other blog so I can give everyone who is following me here a chance to follow me on the vs blog. I already have over 100posts and my theme is much better.

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The spiderman and his amazing friends v2 is up.

I just reblogged a bunch of spidey photos for the blog I have a new better theme. The only thing I still have yet to fix is the head liner post however the blog looks great check it out! I’m going to be posting alot there and less here and I’m giving everyone a chance to follow me there!


Okay so the v2 of the spiderman blog is now open.

Here is the link to it so if your following me here follow me there too. Check out my new name.